Yoga Teacher Training: Over Half Way

And just like that, we're in July.

I don't know about you, but I'm having that deja vu feeling that seems to resurface on an annual basis. The feeling that time has morphed into some kind of quicktime waltz, except that the partner you're dancing with is your life and it's swinging you round faster on the dance floor than you've had time to prepare for. Slow down! I can hear myself shouting silently.

Some of you may know that I began my yoga teacher training at the beginning of this year (you can read more about it here), and whilst I started with every intention of writing monthly updates about it, I just simply have not had the time. And that's not even one of those shoddy excuses to shake off the responsibility I had laid upon myself to do such a thing; I just simply hadn't realised how much time, energy and growing the course would bring with it. 

There's been tears, laughter, foot stomping and arm flailing, there's been moments of wanting to walk away and doubting myself profusely. There has been group chanting, solo chanting, learning, reading, writing, writing, writing, trying to teach, being taught by others, understanding, lack of understanding, mudras, moving, moving, moving, transformation.

And it is this transformation that amazes me the most - the awareness of being a human being who is not separate from life, but very much integrated with every moment and breeze that passes us by. The transformation of lightly shedding layers and leaving them to gently rest where they are. The understanding that we exist already with all the skills that we need to live our truth. 

And with this has brought a confidence of knowing when to listen to myself, and when to not.

It came as much as a shock to me as it did to others when I decided to hand my notice in at my job last week in a decision that can only be considered a career side step rather than an 'up the ladder' choice, as some might say. But sometimes you just have to truly listen to yourself and go with that - because without choice, what do we have? 

I started listening to Mindfulness: A practical guide to finding peace in a frantic world (yes, I'm so new to and incredibly excited about audiobooks!) this week, and the most beautiful poem by Roger Keys is cited called Hokusai Says. You can read the whole poem here, but if there's one line to look out for, I would say that it is as follows.

"It matters that you care. It matters that you notice. It matters that life lives through you."

Please, if you do anything today, then take a moment to breathe, to care and simply to just notice. Recognise yourself as this simultaneously complex yet simple embodiment of life that moves, feels, thinks, looks, connects, exists. Step outside your front door, walk down the street and open up your eyes - look around you. You are integrated with every single moment.

You already are a human being.

I'm planning on writing more specifically about the course and the pros/cons of doing a lengthier yoga teacher training as opposed to an intensive month away, so if you have any questions at all that you would like answered then please fire away on my contact page.

Also, for any Cornwall folk that are interested, I'm currently setting up a book club for this Autumn, so do join the group if you are interested.