Believe In Yourself & Trust Your Heart

Why You Should Ignore The Guru

Some mornings it might be a quick weather check, while on other days I might search for anything from whether maple syrup is that unhealthy to why my legs won’t straighten out properly in certain yoga poses – am I normal? Basically, from the moment a question enters our thinking zone, before it has even fully formed into a real question, which more often than not we can probably figure out with a little bit of common sense, it is possible to find some kind of answer elsewhere within a matter of seconds. Isn’t that amazing? I sit down to write this morning and find myself lazily asking Google for the twentieth time (and that’s only in the last month), ironically with more lazy spelling mistakes than is really acceptable, ‘how do I start writing?’ The whole scenario is pretty funny.

There is no magic formula or secret answer that the Google Guru will reveal to me.

I know that the Internet provides a great tool for procrastination; I have definitely spent a decent 30 minutes hunting down that particular doggy-video that I must send my dog-loving pal, but that is not my point.

By completely transforming our interaction with the world around us and connecting more information and people together than we could probably ever have comprehended, I’m starting to question if the Internet is making us doubt our potential and ourselves?

Perhaps it is the mere presence of endless high-end blogs & websites offering bullet point tips on how to be a morning person, how to write a book, how to be more productive, how to live your life (you get my drift) that suggests there really is more of an answer than simply getting off your butt and getting on with it.

We rely so much on technological answers and aid that even in the most straightforward situations, we lose all trust in our natural instincts. We’ve all been there – the trusty sat-nav runs out mid-journey, we’ve picked up the wrong charger from our mini collection of chargers that collectively are probably worth more than our car, 3G has suddenly ceased to exist and the horror of actually having to navigate somewhere strikes enough fear into us that it’s tempting to just pull up on the side of the road and wait for the search team.

Of course it is totally irrational and we either make it to the destination in the end, or we don’t. Put a smile on that face, calm down and keep driving; something or someone will give you a sign. Just don’t worry. Put as much trust in the earth and the people around you, as you would put in trusting the Google Guru that our slight sniffle must be the beginning of some kind of plague.

If you want to start something new, or pursue something on a slightly more serious level, then admitting that is half the battle I think. In a world full of artists, writers, yoga teachers, school teachers, builders, electricians and anything else that might float your boat, it’s hard to imagine yourself succeeding.

Approach your passion as though all of those blogs and websites didn’t exist and trust your own creative, love-filled heart to see if you can become your own original and honest version of the things that inspire you.

Stop asking the modern-day Guru for answers and get outside and hunt down your own solutions. And if you’re really in doubt... Then ask a friend one of the totally absurd questions you’re dying to know the answer to and laugh in the realization that we are all more connected than we might initially think.