Why You Should Be Stoked For September

Whilst the rest of the country enjoys what could be arguably the hottest day of the year, let alone in September, I’m at home in Cornwall watching the looming grey sky outside create an odd sense of darkness for 3 in the afternoon. Even though the weather here in the South West doesn’t seem to entirely know what it’s doing just yet (does it ever? Hello summer essentials of flip-flops and rain coats!), September is certainly giving a little nod in the direction of colder months. For some, it’s the ultimate worst nightmare and flights were pre-planned and booked long ago to get as far away from the dark mornings as possible, but if you’ve committed yourself to the harsher British months like myself, then let’s start the season on a positive note. Don’t get me wrong, I am a sun-worshipping-shoe-hating-early-morning-outside-loving kinda girl at heart, but if you don’t embrace the seasons and what they have to offer, you’ll soon become resentful and that winter is going to feel a whole lot longer. So rather than close your eyes and pray for it to be Spring already, why not consider the specials treats and rituals that a colder climate brings and get yourself stoked for September?

1. Soup!

Step aside smoothies; it’s time to heat things up over here. Frozen berry mornings can now be swapped for energising, inside-warming, super-green soup lunches. Home make a big ol’ pot on Sunday and store in the fridge for up to 3 days – inexpensive, healthy and totally delicious.

2. Porridge.

I promise this isn’t just going to be a list of 10 meals, but seriously, porridge. How had I forgotten about you? Keep things sweet in September with banana and coconut, but get ready to cinnamon EVERYTHING come October.

3. Goodbye beach bod, hello wellbeing.

There is the annual hype, last minute attempt and inevitable disappoint that another year without the perfect beach body has passed us by. This is the great thing about Autumn & Winter – forget that unflattering skimpy swimwear and work on what really matters, your well being. Why not use the darker evenings to discover your local yoga studio and seek out a little bit of mindfulness? I guarantee if you indulge in a little bit of you time, that beach body pressure won’t even be on your mind in 2017. 

4. Music for the seasons.

I don’t know about you, but my music taste seems to transition and reflect what’s going on outside my window. For me, Autumn is all about rediscovering Indie tunes by bands like Lord Huron, Boy & Bear, Bon Iver and Fleet Foxes – if you haven’t heard them, go get snuggly and turn those tunes up.

5. The one fashion trend that everybody loves.

Oversized sweaters. Need I say any more?

6. Home fragrance.

That might be an odd way to phrase what I’m thinking about on this point. Basically, those open windows flooding your home with scents of Summer are on a little hiatus, so now is the time to treat yourself to some really awesome smelling candles and incense. It might be too soon for full power mulled apple & cinnamon, but just something evoking enough to contribute to that cosy-at-home feeling.

7. Rainy walks.

I’m trying reiterate this to myself as I write, because it has just started to pour down from the skies above outside my window. Seriously though, don’t lock yourself up inside. If you’re committing to the British winter, just get a decent jacket already. I put this off for such a long time and spent every year cold and soaked – it just isn’t fun, end of. Rainy walks however can be a LOT of fun. Rally up some pals and get out there, and maybe have some of that soup ready for when you get back.

8. Hot drinks galore.

I’m not suggesting you start smashing in every ‘speciality’ hot drink you see advertised, because you will feel horrendous. However, do let yourself indulge in the season’s offerings of hot chocolate and spicy-chai – you’ve got to stay warm somehow!

9. Socks.

I’ve promised myself this year to finally jump on the bandwagon. I’ve spent the last 26 years refusing socks (and shoes if possible), at the ultimate expense of my poor feet and toes on many occasions. I’ve caved and am joining the revolution – direct me to the snuggliest woollen socks please.

 10. Winter adventures.

Get an adventure booked! There’s no better way to enjoy the colder months than to break it up with some sort of trip. It doesn’t have to be anywhere hot – there are really good deals on flights to Iceland at the moment. I chose Iceland as a Winter getaway a few years ago, and I came back feeling more enchanted with the cold weather than ever before.

I hope that you are all feeling stoked for September. Are there any things you really love about the transition into Autumn that I've missed out?