10 Ways To Inspire Yourself Today

1. Watch something that inspires you.
Use YouTube or Vimeo as an inspirational tool, not just as a means of watching the latest animal-related clip.
I love watching videos online that are colourful, full of jazzy music and along the lines of this… SEEA IN PANAMA
Bet you’re feeling a bit more inspired already, right?

2. Music.
Music, music, music.
It can transform your day within 5 seconds.
My current fave inspiring tune is this one… IT'S A BANGER
Hello Weekend.

3. Just go outside already.
Feeling bored? Totally uninspired? Well shut your laptop, grab a coat, maybe some wellies
if you live in the UK like myself, and get a stomp on.
There are hidden gems everywhere. Find them.

4. Go on a road trip.
Take inspiration from point no. 1, pack tip no. 2, and combine this with tip no. 3 and the next
obvious idea would be to go on a road trip.
Rally up your pals, wind those windows down and get on the open road.
Turn off the satnav and unfold the map you shoved in your glove-box years ago. 

5. Do something creative.
Combine this with an inspiring group of people, some wine and/or hot chocolate
and you’ve got a pretty sweet evening ahead of you.
Sometimes you’ve just got to get a group of gals together and tie-dye your pants.

6. Find that quote.
Print it out. Save it to your phone. Look at it every day.
Be it. [See tip no. 9]
Stuck on where to look? Check out my weekly changing quote here.

7. Surround yourself with pro-active, positive people.
As a chameleon might, we also adapt to our surroundings.
If you manifest a positive approach to life and immerse yourself in a group of like-minded people, the dull moments will start to become few and far between.

8. Get active.
Don’t exercise to get thin, exercise to feel that glow.
Being active doesn’t mean going to the gym, unless this is what inspires you of course.
Why not combine with tip no. 3 and go for a hike?
Or grab a paddleboard and get a new perspective?

9. Manifest the life you want.
Visualise it. Write it down. Make it happen. Put together a scrapbook or mood board.
I sometimes have to remind myself that Pinterest wasn’t made entirely for procrastination. 

10. Say yes.
Stop saying no, and start saying yes.
To opportunities, to yourself, to life.