What I Learnt From Being Unemployed

4 Lessons Learnt From Being Funemployed

So after handing the reigns of my café over to it’s new owner, recovering from the prosecco-fuelled-celebrations and turning to face the horizon of my new life, I was surprised that it wasn’t as instantly bright as I was expecting it to be. I’m sat here on day four of what was intended to be my funemployment, and by the look of my shaking hands, it probably isn’t a good idea to drink another cup of instant coffee to battle the boredom. I might be acting a little bit dramatic, I haven’t been that bored. The summer sun and living in such close proximity to the beach has certainly helped, but there’s always that looming anticipation of the disappearing sun here in the UK when all we are left with is the sunburnt reminder of the glory that once was. So, what do you do when time suddenly becomes an endless entity unfolding before your very eyes and there isn’t even a grain of sand left to hoover in your flat?


I’m used to a 5.30AM wake up, and I love seeing the first light of the day. However, when you don’t necessarily have anything particular to be up for… that alarm starts to creep later and later.  Then when you are up and you’ve had breakfast, had a shower, cleaned the whole flat for the 5th time in 2 days, and can’t think of much else to do… is it okay to then have breakfast no.2? Firstly, don’t be hard on yourself. If you want breakfast number two, then heck, go ahead and treat yourself. But don’t make it a habit. Enjoy your new freedom and the opportunity of life before you – you can literally do anything you want. Just don’t stay in bed all day and eat all of the food.


Wow, rejection is pretty damn tough, right? You think you have it in the bag. You’re an intelligent, hard-working human and you’ve made a genuine effort and, oh… no. That other person was just a little bit better than you, right? Wrong. Rejection cuts pretty deep, especially when you don’t have a queue of other mega exciting opportunities to distract your mind with. Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck – this rejection is going to teach you a lot about what you want to do, the life you want to live and most importantly about yourself. Keep that head high, keep smiling and keep those dancing shoes firmly on your feet – do your thing.



You literally now have no excuse to say no, unless we are talking financially. All of those people you have wanted to catch up with - now is the time to do it, because your life could go in any direction. There are endless ways to turn your day into an adventure, with little or no added cost. Get outside! I say this time and again, but Mother Earth is right outside your front door with open arms, waiting for you, with no rejection.  Go for a walk, go for a wild swim, take your dinner outside and have a picnic with your pals. Run. Watch the sun rise. Watch the sun set. Explore. Find the stars. Just say yes.


I think this has been one of the biggest eye openers for me. Why do we feel without purpose when we aren’t working? Why do we feel so guilty for enjoying ourselves? What’s wrong with having a job you get paid for, and pursuing your main interest in the rest of your time?

For the first 48 hours of funemployment, I pretty much didn’t leave my flat and was instead glued to my laptop scrolling through pages of really boring sounding jobs. It was as uninteresting as it sounds. Then it occurred to me that this was probably a counter-productive use of my time, so I went outside and enjoyed the sun. Then I felt guilty for doing so, because I felt I should be doing something more productive. Our culture seems to have this underlying sense of guilt that you just can’t shake off.

So that is just what I set out to do for the next 48 hours – shake off the guilt, get up early, rise above the rejection and just say yes. And do you know where it took me? To an insane evening adventure, hanging out with spider crabs and exploring the underwater world in the idyllic Carlyon Bay.

Thank-you life, and hello funemployment.