Defining Your Day

The Secret Of Conscious Definition

Most of the time, slapping down a label has no productive consequences. Sometimes however, taking time to find a word to summarize your day, week, or year can open your eyes to how you’re feeling and help you to consciously define how you approach the next day.


This is my current word. I have had my own business for the last three years and it has been considerably time consuming (I probably would have labeled this with the word focused), but things change and I am now in the process of selling this.

Suddenly there are too many options.

I want to pursue more travels, but where do you even begin? I want to go back to university, but I also need to get a job. I want to just see my friends more, but need to focus on completing this business project before I can find the time to do so. The confusion goes on and on and on and on (you get my drift).


This is my new word & life mantra.

I have wanted to start this blog/website/idea for a long time to talk about my travels, how I’m trying to tackle my 20’s and my experience as a young self-employed dweller of Cornwall. With all these questions brewing away, now seems pretty much the best time to begin.

And do you know what? I am already consciously stepping outside a little bit more because of it. I picked up a camera and took some photos for the first time since college. I have spent my spare time writing and re-writing small paragraphs. I’m really enjoying it. And do you know what enjoyment makes you feel? Balanced.

Work hard, but don’t work so hard for so long that you forget to begin those projects you’ve been putting off for ages. If you want to change your entire life, then heck, change your entire life! Find your current word, and consciously define your new word.

The sun is shining so incredibly beautifully today after what seems like months of grey and I reckon that this is a sign – a sign to stop, breathe and consider that you have a life to live.