12 Tips For A Magical Monday

As the sun sets (or if it’s anything like yesterday, the grey and the rain just persist and it gets increasingly darker) on your Sunday evening, and those familiar Monday blues start to weave gently in to your consciousness, take a moment to address and re-assign these feelings and control how you approach the new week. Whatever your circumstances, perhaps if you are unemployed like myself or have a looming hectic schedule on the horizon, a few small mindful steps can help relieve this stress and turn a manic Monday into a magical Monday.



This really is the best start to the week – as long as you went to bed at a reasonable hour last night, of course. You can have up to a couple of hours before you need to even think about work (or job hunting) if you get this timed correctly. This is your time. Gently stretch in to the day with some peaceful music and remember to put on your positive pants… It’s going to be a good week.

This bowl of goodness is from  Box & Barber Cafe , Newquay. The Acai Bowl is a must-try! 

This bowl of goodness is from Box & Barber Cafe, Newquay. The Acai Bowl is a must-try! 


Have a really, really delicious breakfast. The kind of breakfast that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside, or that you want to write about, or tell people about all day. My current favourite is peppery boiled eggs on a couple of slices of buttery, seedy, granary toast with a nice big cup of black coffee. It keeps me going all day! My other go to is hazelnut milk porridge with mashed banana, cinnamon, honey & pumpkin seeds. This is not the morning for a small breakfast – this meal can literally change the way that your week is about to go, so make it a good’un.


Seeing as you got yourself up nice and early and you’re feeling so spectacularly sparkly from your breakfast, now is a good time to write a to-do list for both today and the rest of the week. What do you want to get done today? What goals do you have for this week? It might be a very simple couple of bullet points, or perhaps you have your sights set much higher – either way, now is the time to get it written down and plant that seed to nurture throughout the week.


You might work at a desk, behind a bar, from home or currently be looking for your next opportunity. No matter your situation, it’s much easier to focus from a clear workstation. Yes, it is slightly procrastinating, but at least it will prevent mid-week faffing! Throw away anything that is no longer relevant, make sure you have the equipment you need to work efficiently and get ready to knuckle down.


No Monday is complete without coffee in my opinion. Treat yourself! Go and get a delicious, creamy flat white or an aromatic, black coffee – whatever your choice, enjoy it because you deserve it. Just make sure that you don’t add a cake on top of this. Monday might be about coffee, but save those sweet treats for later in the week. Or if this is the day that you want to break a habit, swap that caffeine-fix for a herbal tea you’ve never tried before – be adventurous, you might discover something new!

6. WALK.

Okay, it might be raining a monsoon outside your window and it’s the middle of June and supposed to be the first day of summer and the last thing you want to do is go outside. But guess what? Go outside! Go on. Pack those wellies, throw on a raincoat, stop making excuses and take a brisk 15-minute walk. You might get a little soggy, but I can assure you that you’ll feel better for stretching out those wonderful legs of yours.


Perhaps that person didn’t get the memo about Magical Monday. Or perhaps that other person overslept. You’re going to help everyone you set your eyes upon today by giving them your best, crazy-person, teeth-bearing smile. Go ahead and see what happens. Spread the love.


Monday afternoon and it is still raining. Now is the time to drop a pal a text and get something fun in the diary for an evening later this week. I’m not talking weekend plans, but perhaps an after-work hot chocolate on Wednesday, or a book launch in town on Thursday evening. There’s always exciting things going on and knowing you’re going to see one of your favourite’s will be enough to add some sparkle to your day. Live in Cornwall and need some adventure tips? See my article here on The 10 Best Things To Do In Cornwall

9. YOGA.

You are certainly not hitting the vino tonight. Book yourself in to an evening yoga class to avoid those Monday pangs. It’ll stretch out any Monday aches and pains and calm your mind for an amazing sleep tonight. If you live in Cornwall, my two favourite spots have to be Falmouth Yoga Space, Falmouth or Oceanflow Yoga, Newquay.


Eat more veggies than you could possibly imagine eating in one sitting. Scrap everything else from this meal and pile the greens up high instead. Seriously, go for it. You’re going to feel so nourished and energised by filling up with the good stuff that no one will be able to stand in the way of the kick-ass week you’ve already started.


Monday is not the day to start a new box set on Netflix, because you know how the rest of your week is going to go if that happens. Fill your yoga-calmed mind with some enchanting words and start a new book – or if you’re anything like me then just finally commit to one of the six books you’ve started and aim to finish it this week. Get a friend to read the same book so you can talk about it later in the week, perhaps?


Either think to yourself or write down three things about today that you genuinely felt was freakin’ awesome, or three things that you’re feeling truly grateful for. Focusing your energy on positive, mindful thoughts will always make you feel more settled and ultimately, happy.

Want to know mine?

1. I made a seriously delicious and mega healthy soup for lunchtime – one of the perks of being unemployed. Leek, broccoli, spinach and courgette with lots of delicious herbs - YUM! 

2. My ‘Discover Weekly’ playlist on Spotify is really, really good this week. Sounds unimportant but it’s definitely keeping me motivated today.

3. I got to adventure around Cornwall with some old buddies at the weekend who I don't get to see too often. Snorkelling, BBQ’s and bonfires made it a weekend to remember, despite that persistent rain.

How is your Monday going so far? What tips do you have to add a little bit of magic to your day?